Hi, I’m Kristen.  My passion is supporting people in having a liberated, healthy, super pleasurable, and nourishing sexuality.  I see a great need for sexual healing in our culture.  Most people have no idea how incredibly amazing sex can be, and are missing out on an immense amount of pleasure and goodness.  I want to help as many people as I can to consistently have fulfilling sexual experiences, where they walk away feeling nourished and empowered.  

I help people who are disconnected from their sexuality and/or body to reconnect with these parts of themselves, as so many people are not fully connected.  Also, teaching communication in the sensual/sexual realm is another important part of my work.  I help women find their orgasm, or be able to orgasm easier, and help them find their voice.  Working with women is a huge part of my passion.  I love working with men as well, and people of all genders.  I support people in liberating themselves from guilt and shame.  I teach sexual practices.  I also help people who are already having great sex to go to their next level.  I want people to be having mind-blowing sex. 🙂  

Sexuality is inherently wholesome, it’s natural, and it is a beautiful part of you. 

I do other fun things like sex-positive performance art, and throw sex-positive and body-positive events.  I also just recently decided to do platonic cuddle sessions with people as I’ve realized there is a great need for this.  And I just created a YouTube channel and started uploading helpful videos you can check out here.  My channel is called “Krysalis,” like the chrysalis of the butterfly (with a K for Kristen), because I see people go through a lot of transformation when they work with me.

I have created and taught several sexuality classes and workshops, done a lot of work with couples and individuals, and also worked with groups in other capacities, such as events.  (Feel free to check out my Background page.)  I am not taking any new clients at this time, unless you’re interested in a cuddle session, which is clothed, completely platonic non-sexual snuggling.  But I will be sharing a lot of information and inspiration in my Blog posts, and feel free to reach out to me in the future about my availability.


Big THANKS to my tech genius friend, Jason Sherman, for helping me make the leap to online.  Check out all of his amazing work as entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, and tech expert here ~ jasonsherman.org❤

And thank you for the photo, robert@robertkentphoto.com❤


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