My Sexuality Education Experience 

As Creator and Facilitator ~

Workshops and classes I’ve created

Sensual Communication ~ For Women

Stellar Lover: For Men Who Love Women Sexually

Stellar Lover: Insights For Pleasing Women Sexually

Youth Program on Intimacy, Sexuality, and Relationships at Hawaii Tantra Festival (co-created and co-facilitated)

FEEL Practice (based on Deliberate Orgasm/Orgasmic Meditation)

Girl Talk: An Intentional Conversation About Sex


Co-created and co-facilitated weekly sexual practice group focused on FEEL Practice and communication practices

Intimacy Circles (similar to modern Western Tantra pujas)

Conscious play parties and sensual gatherings

Co-founder, Cherry Pie Cheerleaders, a sex-positive performance squad

Work with individuals and couples, including FEEL practice, sharing of basic Taoist techniques and Tantric ways, communication work, pelvic and inter-vaginal massage, work on healing shame, various facets of sexual education, integrating sexuality and spirituality, and miscellaneous other topics. Sessions also often include a lot of listening and asking questions, as well as giving feedback or suggestions as requested.


As Student ~


Obtaining a Masters in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University


Pelvic Massage, Sacred Spot, and Breast Massage with Amara Karuna

Non-Violent Communication and Compassionate Communication workshops and practice groups

Jade Egg workshop with Saida Desilets

Beyond Kegel ~ Pelvic Fitness with Jerry Brent, beginning and advanced courses

Orgasmic Meditation Course, and Raw Course For Women, with One Taste

Prostate Massage with Amara Karuna


Body and spirit integration at Pagan Land Sanctuary (informally)

Various types of training with Tantra Quest

Two years of regular weekly research with FEEL practice (Deliberate Orgasm/Orgasmic Meditation), and intimacy and communication practice, as well as ample practice beyond that

Lectures with Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence at the Center For Sex And Culture

Private Session with Betty Dodson

“Camp Counselor” in Annie Sprinkle’s play Earthy: An Ecosex Boot Camp

Ample self study with lots of books, videos, articles, attendance at others’ Tantra Pujas, etc.



Certified Tantric Counselor from Tantra Quest

Certificate Of Completion of Sexual Attitude Restructuring course at The Institute For Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality


National Sex Ed Conference

Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference

Careers in Sexuality Conference







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